The great Indian subcontinental culture is a unique blend of diverse religious, linguistic, philosophical and cultural threads which has no parallel in the world. The diversity and the apparently seamless integration of its elements into one strong, plural cultural fabric is a wonderful example in the human civilization.
Chinar Publishers is a part of ‘Sarhad’, a social, cultural and educational organization dedicated to the cause of social harmony in India with focus on border regions.
We believe that art, music and the literature are the most unifying forces that cut through the narrow political and geographical divisions to connect people. These faculties can be very effective tools to keep an intrinsically diverse society together by forging strong bonds of shared humanitarian and social values. The key to India’s social harmony lies in its inspiring history and the lives of her great sons. The values like non violence and peaceful coexistence in spite of the numerous inherent contradictions need to be reiterated as they are timeless.


Chinar Publishers aims to imbue humanitarian values in the society, especially the youth and children through inspirational and inclusive literature. To inspire the impressionable young minds to work for a peaceful and prosperous India through books on the lives of contemporary and historical great souls and through books that are thought provoking, humanitarian and inclusive, is the mission of Chinar Publishers.

Brief History

Chinar began its operations in 1990 to make the youth aware of the national matters and issues.
Over the period Chinar has come a long way to establish itself in the world of Marathi literature with many bestsellers and venerable titles, both original and translated. Click here to see our publications.

A treasure trove for readers

You will find a great deal of inspirational literature in our store. It includes biographies and autobiographies of great men in the past and present. There are police officers like JF Ribeiro and Y. C. Pawar, historical legends like Guru Gobindsingh, Banda Bahadue, Lachit Borphuken and there are present day legends like Kuldip Nayyar and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiya.
We have something for everyone, the students of international affairs, the politically inclined, the musically inclined, the impressionable and the socially inclined.